The idea of construction the full-cycle SIBALUX plant, focused on the production of composite panels, allowed to reduce production costs and, as a result, have the competitive advantages on the domestic and foreign markets. Two powerful modern production lines provide high performance of the plant. Consequently, SIBALUX plant production capacity amounts to 9000 sq. m of ready product output per day. The long-life of the SIBALUX panel surface is guaranteed by the modernized coating line, which allows to apply the «coil coating» method for the aluminum and steel tape. Today the plant produces not only standard monocolors, metallic and chameleon, but also coatings with the imitation of natural stone, wood, as well as creates multicolored, shagreen, vandal-proof and super matte coatings thanks to the installation of the advanced additional equipment. At the present day SIBALUX plant is the fully automatized production process, optimal logistics, and the total quality control provided by its own laboratory